Privacy Policy - GDPR

A brief explanation of what happens to any
data you submit when using this website.
Any information supplied is used to process and fulfil
orders placed by yourself via the shopping cart.
We retain only details that we are legally required too.
We never see your card details if ordering online.
No 'Third Parties' have access to any details we hold.

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Privacy Policy - GDPR

Data Collected by Us
Any personal information you provide us with electronically, verbally or written will only be used for the purpose it was provided for.
That is to say, if you place an order those details will be used for processing and fulfilment only.
If you contact us for reasons other than purchasing, those details will only be used to respond to your enquiry and nothing else.
We do keep a record of sales made but the only information retained is your name, address, phone number and email address.
We do not disclose any information with Third Parties.
This Website
Simply by viewing this website, you will not be tracked in anyway. However, should you click on the basket icon, place an item in the cart and
complete a purchase the following will happen. See sections below.
Shopping Cart
When you place the first item in the shopping cart it will send a cookie to your computer which is used to keep track of the items you are ordering.
This cookie is a session cookie and will cease working once the order is submitted.
Any personal details submitted in the cart are used only to process and fulfil your order or to contact you in relation to the order.
At your discretion, in the shopping cart you can opt to have a cookie downloaded which will retain your name, address, email and phone details so that
these are automatically inserted when next ordering.
The shopping cart history will retain a record of the sale for 56 days, after which is it permanently deleted. This acts as a short term back up in case of a
systems failure on our main systems. Information retained is the same as in the order acknowledgement email.
The cart is PCI-DSS Level 2 compliant, this is the highest level available for a standalone shopping cart, as it does not handle any payment card details.
Payment Gateway
We use the Payment Sense payment gateway which connects to your bank via First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) to complete all credit/debit card payments.
Both these businesses are fully compliant PCI-DSS Level 1. All connections are https fully encrypted for you security.
Alternatively, if you use Paypal this company too is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant and again everything is securely encrypted.
No credit or debit card numbers are stored. Indeed when your submit your card details they go directly to your card issuer and no one else.
Payments by phone
If you place an order by phone and provide card details verbally. These will be treated in exactly the same way.
Personal details to process and fulfil your order. While card details will be processed by secure encrypted connections to effect payment and then are
instantly destroyed by cross-cutting shredder, so there is no record or retention of the payment details you provided.
GDPR Questions?
If you have any queries or questions regarding privacy or GDPR, please contact us at the email address in the footer of this page.
Alternatively, you can write to us at the address in the footer of this page.